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Why Lawyers Prefer Yellow Legal Pads

Legal pads are easily recognized by their yellow color and wide margins. These pads have grown to be a necessity in most offices especially those owned by lawyers. Read on to get informed on the reasons why legal pads are standard, why they are yellow and why they are mostly used by lawyers.

How Legal Pads Came to Existence

The origin of legal pads dates back to late 1800 where a man by the name Thomas Miller chose to cut scrap paper into similar sizes and stored them. He progressed to binding them into notepads which are the loose-leaf notebooks we use today. Even though the documents were not yellow in color, we can agree that they are the origin of legal pads. The lines on legal pads are blue since they are visible enough on yellow.

Feature of The Margin

You can easily recognize a legal pad by its unique margins. The margins of an ideal legal pad have a 1.25 inch space on the base of the left side of the paper. Margins were used by lawyers to write on side notes.

Reasons Why Legal Pads are Yellow

Even with the many existing views on how the legal pads were dyed yellow, no one can come up with a valid time and place where it all began. Research in color psychology backed up the claim that the yellow color was used in the legal profession for creative stimulation and boosting of mental capabilities. Some believe that since the papers were bound together, the only way to make them seem like one unified piece was by dying them yellow.

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Reasons Why Legal Pads Are Preferred

It is challenging to come up with a solid reason why most artists and professionals extremely loved legal pads. Interestingly, there are some artists wholly believe and have an undying love for legal pads. Legal pads are still used to write on artworks. Research has it that legal pads are valuable because it is classic and affordable. In the past times, children could never be allowed to write on legal pads. By writing on the legal pads, you will be considered as essential and with authority. Theses are some of the reasons why many people are still confident when writing on the pads. It is quite noticeable how many lawyers enjoy scribbling on their legal pads. We should, however, take note of the impact of the internet on legal pads.

Lawyers Love Way Much More Than Legal Pads

If you work in a law office, you may have some questions on the mysteries of law. If you have such questions, worry not for the internet will provide you with all the information you need. There are many more items other than legal pads that lawyers would swear by.

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