Understanding Landscaping

Benefits Of Lawn Care

A healthy lawn is considered as one of the best interest that your home may have and there are a lot of reasons that lie behind this.

Value Appraisal
It has been estimated by appraisers that a well-maintained and well-landscaped lawn adds a value of up to 7% in residential property. According to survey, a home with a nicely landscaped lawn will be able to increase its value up to 15% of the selling price.

What About Cooling Effect?
It is enough for 70 tons of air conditioning to cool down at least 16 average homes and this is f the front lawns of a whole block of eight houses that are average will have a cooling effect. If you have a lawn instead of an asphalt or concrete, you can receive a cooling effect of up to 30 degrees, as grass will be able to produce 10 to 14 degrees of cooling effect even on a hot summer day.

Quality of Air
The oxygen that a family of four will need every day will be provided for by a grass that is well maintained of 50′ by 50′. There are a lot of air pollutants that can be absorbed by your lawn since this is like a giant sponge and this includes dust, soot, noise, and carbon dioxide. If you are able to get rid of those weeds, then you will also be able to get rid of those pollens and this is a good thing especially for people who are allergic.

Quality of the water
According to studies, a healthy lawn is able to absorb rainfall of up to 4 to 6 times effectively than what is being absorbed in farm fields and this can only be exceeded by virgin forest. Everyone will be able to make use of the moisture that will be returned to the water table because of your lawn. Some high quality lawn have plenty of weeds that is why a university study is able to conclude that thick lawns slow the velocity of run-off when it comes to water which will also allow it to infiltrate.

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Soil quality and why it matters
A healthy lawn will be able to prevent the disruption of erosion by wind or water as well as the loos of valuable dust and topsoil loss mud in the house.

Providing aesthetics
Nobody will dare argue about the fact that having a beautiful lawn will surely add in the appearance of the residence as it is very pleasing to the eye. It is possible for you to soften and reduce lightless glare that is reflected.

What about exercise?
The maintenance of your lawn will be well appreciated especially if you are someone who likes to have a diversion to enjoy a reasonable way to exercise.

A Beginners Guide To Lawns

A Beginners Guide To Lawns