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Have you been single all your life and having a hard time to get a woman to date? Or do you have any fear in women that you do not seem know what to do when you are in front of a woman already? You do not know what is wrong with you that women do not seem to be interested with you and they just ghost you after your first date.

You even have the beauty to make women fall in love with you, you do know how to treat a lady right and you also paid for the dinner that night but still you got dumped. Even your mom said that you have the most beautiful eyes and the most beautiful smile but there is no girl who wants to be yours. The thought that you might live alone with a hundred cats is starting to worry you. Well, good news for you my friend this article is here for you to teach you some techniques on how to date a woman.

You may be wondering that no girl wants to date you even if you are good looking well news flash, looks isn’t everything, you may catch the girl’s attention with your looks but you have not caught their heart and in order for a girl to be yours is you have to catch their heart and your looks is completely not on the list on how to catch a woman’s heart. Maybe you are wondering why girls are no longer replying to your messagesyet after your first date, well maybe there was something that you said that offended her or maybe it was something that you have done that discouraged her or maybe there was something that she was expecting that you do but you did not! Reading a girl’s mind can be really confusing because there are a lot of things that you must do and you must not do.

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Here are some ways that might help you in keeping a girl after your first date. First impression is first on the list because this is really important for girls. Before you asked a girl out make sure that you have asked her about what she likes on a man or you could have taken some initiative to stalk her social media accounts to get some hints on what kind of man she likes. Whether she is into formal men or the kind of rugged man then whatever you information you got, you have to keep that on your mind. Next is be confident, women like men who are confident and who does not feel shy around them because they will test on what you are as a companion in your first date. Another thing you have to do in order for her to like you is do not do all the talking on the date, ask questions to her so it will really be a conversation and not a monologue of yours.

Girls are just really easy to please as long as you follow the basic steps in dating them. You must take those dating advices seriously. Last thing is that keep an eye contact to her because eyes can be really seductive and when you stare at her eyes, she will feel butterflies when you are looking at her.

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