How To Use Shapewear to Boost Your Body Confidence

Body confidence is something that we hate or love to talk about. Most of us know all about trying on an outfit for a big night out and feeling frustrated or sad when we see what we look like in a mirror. Body confidence is not something that is easy to achieve but wearing the right shapewear is one of the easiest ways to boost your body confidence. Fortunately, M&Co have several shapewear options from under slip skirts and dresses, to control briefs. Here is a guide from our experts on everything you need to know about shapewear, from Gorsenia to Shirley of Hollywood brands, and how you can use one of these garments to give you that boost that you need.

What is Shapewear?

Shapewear is classified as a type of undergarment that provides support and offers you a more toned and slimmer appearance. Shapewear over the years has increased in popularity, and from previous versions which were once just one-piece garments, shapewear is now available in all sorts of styles and forms. Some of these include shaping vests, slip skirts, slip dresses, and control briefs.

How Does Shapewear Work?

Shapewear is compression-underwear that works on keeping your fat in and shaping your stomach so that you appear slimmer. It is important to not wear one of these garments for too long as it is placing pressure on your organs and your body, which means blood circulation will slow down in this area of the body.

Can Shapewear Help You to Boost Your Body Confidence?

Shapewear, in general, is used to help you feel better about the way that you look. These garments are also an easy and simple way to increase your self-confidence especially when it comes to wearing figure-hugging outfits. Many women have bumps and lumps that they would like to disguise when they go out, and wearing a shapewear garment is the solution to this common problem. Despite the fact that body empowerment happens to be a trending topic right now which encourages women to embrace the way they look, just about every woman still wants to feel and look great. With an increasing percentage of women learning how to embrace their bodies, and more women saying no to surgery, shapewear has become an easy, quick and safe method to boost self-confidence.

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How Should Your Shapewear Garment Fit?

These garments should fit comfortably and snugly to your body. If you feel discomfort or pain, the shapewear might be too tight, which will cause the garment to dig into and constrict your skin. If the shapewear is too large it will sag and be baggy, which means it is not performing in the way that it should. When you try on shapewear, sit down and walk around to make sure it remains in place and feels comfortable. The right garment should not cause discomfort or pain for as long as you are wearing it.

Will Shapewear Change My Body?

Shapewear will not result in permanent changes when it comes to your body, but it will temporarily provide you with a sleeker and slimmer appearance. Shapewear is designed to smooth the hips and hold your tummy in.

Is it Alright to Wear Shapewear Every Day?

It is suggested that wearing shapewear daily is alright provided the garment fits comfortably and correctly. It will become a problem if the shapewear is too tight and it causes your circulation in that area to slow down.

Can I Sleep in My Shapewear?

We do not recommend sleeping in these garments and there is no benefit to this approach. Shapewear is designed to wear under your clothes to help you feel better about the way that you look, so deciding to sleep in the garment is pointless and will probably feel very uncomfortable.