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A Guide To Help You Add the Right Pop of Color Into All Rooms In Your Home

It doesnt take a professional interior designer to add pomp and color into your home. All you have to do is believe in your DIY skills and be ready to learn more of the few tips and tricks to transform your living spaces. One advantage of DIY is the ability to transform your tastes and preferences by ensuring you are putting something that you will truly love. But where do you start into a DIY decoration that should make you proud of your DIY skills? Here are a few tried and tested tips and tricks to get you started into adding a pop of color into your living spaces.

To add pomp and color into any room, there is one cardinal rule that every do-it-yourself must follow for best results. There is the 60-30-10 rule that will ensure the colors tie in together to create the best living spaces. 60% represents walls color, 30% represents upholstery color, and 10% represents accent pieces colors. Step two after you have mastered the cardinal rule is to take the time to learn more about the trending colors. Find a reliable website such as PANTONE whereby it announces the color-of-the-year, after which you will be assured it will be available in nearly all department stores. This ensures you have an easy time identifying and buying accents and accessories for your DIY task.

Color palettes coming soon in fashion and home textiles are also a great source of color inspiration to get you going. Even if you are still confused, neutral hues will do you justice especially because they will act as a base for the lively colors to complete the look. And when you are worried these colors will soon go out of fashion, have those colors feature in the 10% of accents and accessories in your room.

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Still on point, choosing a medium value color can make a significant change into your interior design. How about you make use of patterned textile within that room to identify a hue that you like? Look at the bedspreads or the couches and then pull one of the colors that catches your fancy to make up the 60% of your walls hue. If you arent confident with your DIY painting skills, this is where you call in the professionals for that perfect look. How about you read more online on how to hire the best painting contractor.