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How to Find the Best Shapewear for Your Body Type

Are you thinking about buying shapewear? Well, if you’re looking for how to prevent muffin top or bra bulges, here are some things to consider when buying shapewear to help you find the best one for your body.

1. What Outcome Do You Want?

Before buying shapewear, you need to consider the outcome you want. The compression on the shapewear will determine the outcome so it should match your goals. Here are a few options to consider.

Light Control (Medium)

Do you have a few bulges in your body? Do you want to make them smooth so you can wear your clothes comfortably? Light control shapewear for everyday use will make these trouble spots smooth so you can look amazing in your outfit all day long.

Firm Control (Medium-High)

Are you looking for a way to showcase those curves? Firm control shapewear should be the best choice. It is made with stretchy and supple fabrics that move together with your body. It also adds subtle contours to your shape. You can use it for a few hours every day for the best results.

Extra Firm Control (High)

Do you need to look amazing while being able to breathe? You can choose extra-firm control shapewear. It’s perfect for formal, structured clothing such as prom, wedding, evening and cocktail gowns. When wearing it, you should feel sturdy and toned down without any constrictions.

Regardless of the firmness of the shapewear, make sure you don’t feel like an overstuffed sausage. If you feel like your movement or breathing is restricted, you should opt for a size or two higher.

2. What Area of Your Body Do You Want to Boost?

Of course, not everyone is happy with a big booty or a tiny waist. Therefore, when buying shapewear, you need to consider what you want to boost. Here are a few aspects to consider.

Full Body

Do you have a hang-up in more than one spot on your body? If you want a sleek full body physique, you should choose a full bodysuit for the best results. Make sure it is easily accessible especially when you go to the bathroom.


Do you have bra bulges and a muffin top? If you are feeling a little self-conscious about your body, especially on the belly, waist or back, you can use a shaping cami to boost your self-esteem.


If you have an extra bulk in your bottom that you want to slim down or want to boost your flat bottom, there is something for you. Try out smoothing panties, butt lifting bike shorts and many other types of shapewear to help you feel a lot better about your legs, thighs and bottom.

3. What is the Best Shapewear for My Body?

It depends on your body type. Here are a few things to consider.

Apple Body

This is characterised by an ample bust, narrow shoulders, a full midsection and narrow hips. There’s some extra weight on your belly area. Find the right shapewear for your apple body type, especially those that bring out your waistline.


Do you have shoulders and hips at the same width? Do you have a naturally contoured waist? Look for shapewear perfect for the hourglass body.


If you have a small bust but a straight torso as well as long legs and slim hips, choose the right shapewear for your rectangle body type.


Here, you need to look for shapewear that fits your small bust, well-defined waist, slim shoulders and round bottom.


Find the best shapewear for your wide shoulders, narrow hips, generous bust and small backside.

By choosing the right shapewear for your body type you can find something that accentuates your figure as it is.…